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Genre: Strategy game
Game type: Multiplayer
Details: Conquest of a whole map with tricks and strategy

Game Overview

MondoSiege is a FREE real-time battle browser game. In the center of the game universe is the constant feud between two kingdoms – The Alliance and the Empire. It is up to the player to choose a side, create an army and conquer the lands of the enemy.

The concept of the game offers exceptional real-time battle experience, which the player can share with friends. Only the best strategists will survive and become the rulers of the massive battlefield.


When starting MondoSiege, the player chooses a kingdom and a specific race. Depending on this choice the player's army is formed. It is lead by a general, who can have up to five lieutenants for support. The soldiers inside depend on the race ot the army's superiors.

The battlefield is represented as a map and has over 500 different buildings. The main objective in the game is to conquer as many buildings as possible and defeat the rival kingdom's players. While conquering buildings the player's army grows and experience is gained.

The Buildings

Each building has a certain number of soldiers defending it and a race. This race can be part of some kingdom or a neutral one. Sometimes the building can be even defended by enemy soldiers. All this pumps up the adrenaline and creates a dynamic real-time war game environment.

MondoSiege is played in rounds, each round starts at a different time, depending on the map. If an a attack was successful in the previous round, the soldiers from the defeated building join the player's army at the beginning of the next round.

Quick Facts

  • Two rival kingdoms and six unique races to play.
  • Various neutral races (dragons, vampires...)
  • Exceptional real-time battle experience
  • Over 500 buildings to conquer.
  • Played in turns (1 per day).
  • Advanced multiplayer game features.

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