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Genre: Logical game
Game type: Solo & Multiplayer
Details: Treasure hunting game

Game Overview

MondoCarto is a FREE treasure hunting browser game. The purpose of the game is really simple – the first player to find the treasure wins. While exploring the extensive game map, many magical items with impressive powers can be found, but various traps also await along the way.

Everyone can become a mighty pirate and explore the vast world of MondoCarto, but very few will suceed in this treacherous quest. This is one of the few games, which guarantees pure fun for the whole family, no matter of the age.


The game map represents a magnificent tropical island divided into six areas, which have their own unique scenery, treasures and dangers. The player explores the map, finds clues and digs for the treasure. There is a choice of up to three types of games and a weekly contest amoung the pirates of MondoCarto.

The game is based on an action points concept. This means that each player has a limited number of action points, which are being depleted while moving and digging around the map. Depending on the type of the game, action points are replenished at different speed.

Finding the Treasure

The player will discover clues for the treasure while digging around the island. They are pointing to the special objects needed to find and unlock the treasure. A variety of magical items is also available, to help with the treasure hunt.

Materials to build unique objects are also hidden on the map. These objects can be kept forever and used in all types of games. Depending on its characteristics, each of them gives the player special bonuses every day.

Quick Facts

  • Pure fun for the whole family.
  • Extensive game map.
  • Dynamic and interesting gameplay.
  • Opportunity for a multiplayer game.
  • 'Action points' concept in the gameplay.
  • Weekly contest.

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